About Us

About Us

About Us

Hi.  My name is Tania Newman. 
This is the story of how SleepFROG came about.

Growing up, I was always into ‘natural’ things.  My family lived just north of Auckland, so we had some space for Dad to grow vegetables for the family, and there were many fruit trees in our back yard. 

Our house was not connected to mains water, we were on tank water from the roof.  I remember recycling as much as we could, and I was expected to walk myself to school.

I was brought up with a real appreciation of keeping things natural: helping to grow our veges, cooking dinners from scratch, and sewing my own clothes.

Now I have my own family; husband Trevor, and 3 lovely boys (Kobe, Micah & Luka)... and we still live on Auckland’s North Shore.  

When my boys were younger, we were one of those typical modern, urban families – juggling a hectic corporate life with chaotic home life (especially with 3 boys!) and trying to do the best for the family.

Seeing my boys growing up in today's convenience world and thinking about my background, made me re-evaluate the kinds of products we used as a family.

Thinking about their health re-ignited something inside me: I wanted to learn more about living a more natural, toxin-free, healthy lifestyle.