Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Ok, let’s talk formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a component in preparations used in cotton fabric manufacture that help to bind pigments to fabric (which prevents colours from running), as well as improving the resulting fabric’s resistance to wrinkles.

Debra Lynn Dadd writes: “all polyester / cotton and permanent-press cotton bedsheets are coated with a resin that releases vapors of formaldehyde, and formaldehyde causes insomnia.” *

It's just possible that those new, crease-free sheets are the things keeping you awake at night…

Debra found that up to 20% of people could be susceptible to irritations caused by low levels of exposure to formaldehyde.

Since SleepFROG Organic Bedding is not treated with formaldehyde, our sheets look a little more ‘relaxed’ than others, but they are less likely to cause irritations, and you may just sleep better!  

Formaldehyde is only part of our Organic bedding story. SleepFROG does not contain pesticides. According to the Environmental Justice Foundation, commercially-grown cotton uses just over 2% of the world’s arable land, but consumes 16% of world’s insecticides**

And that’s important, because Cotton fabrics retain pesticide and other processing chemical residues in the fibres, even after it’s manufactured into other products.  Researchers at the Technical University of Lodz in Poland have determined that pesticides applied during cotton production are still detectable in cotton clothing***.

So buying SleepFROG Organic Bedding has two advantages. Firstly, since there are no residual pesticides in our Organic cotton fabrics, you reduce the risk of skin irritations. And secondly, together, we can send a message to reduce the use of pesticides for cotton crops.


* Debra Lynn Dadd Toxic Free, 2011

** Environmental Justice Foundation

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