Organic NZ Wool

Organic NZ Wool

Organic NZ Wool

We use New Zealand-grown, organic wool to make the SleepFROG Duvet Inners.  And being a proud New Zealander, I think it’s got to be the best organic wool in the world.

New Zealand has a relatively gentle climate which is hugely beneficial when it comes to raising sheep organically. Sheep in NZ can be raised in a true organic manner because they are free from the kinds of environmental pests that most other countries would have to treat chemically.

Sheep raised organically in NZ aren’t subjected to the kinds of pesticide treatments you find in other countries...

... and that means there are no residual chemicals in the wool. 


Organic NZ wool is a wonderful, natural product for making bedding.  I get dust allergies easily, so the wool’s natural hypoallergenic properties and resistance to dust-mites means I can breathe easier at night.  I really feel at ease in bed.

Wool also has natural breathable properties that draws moisture away from the body, dispersing it and helping to regulate the body’s temperature - making sleep more comfortable all year round.


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