SleepFROG comes to life

SleepFROG comes to life

SleepFROG comes to life

One shopping trip... That’s all it took to ignite my plans for SleepFROG!

One day we bought a new duvet for Kobe - just a normal, regular new duvet.  When I opened it that night, the smell of chemicals was overbearing!   There was no way I was going to put my innocent little boy into some sort of chemical experiment masquerading as bedding.

I wanted my boys' bedding to be chemical-free.  Actually, I wanted FREE RANGE ORGANIC or GREEN bedding

My research on chemical-free bedding led me to Debra Lynn Dadd’s excellent book called Toxic Free*.  Debra writes that she is sensitive to chemicals found in everyday life - in fact she has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or MSC. 

It didn't take me long to find what I was looking for.
On Page 3 of her book, Debra wrote:

'About a year later, having not improved at all, another woman with MCS asked me, “are you still sleeping on permanent-press sheets? They have a lot of formaldehyde on them, you know!“ *


Formaldehyde... I couldn't believe it. 
There was no way I was going to let my boys sleep in formaldehyde! 

And that ignited SleepFROG Organic Bedding.  I decided to produce my own range of natural bedding products that are free from chemicals and would help to protect my family's health.   Not only would my family eat better via organic foods... they would also sleep better using Organic Bedding!

Just maybe... just maybe your family feels the same way too.


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* for more on Debra Lynn Dadd’s  “Toxic Free” book.