Thinking about Organics

Thinking about Organics

People usually associate ‘organic’ with food – and that is exactly where I started. Not only were we buyign organic meats, milk and foods, but I helped the boys to raise their own vegetable crops.

I remember one summer while they were digging up their potatoes, Yoko and Fillets (the names given to the neighbour's chickens) came to inspect the digging. Once I spied Luka eating his crop of Snow Peas right off the vine!

I became quite a prolific reader of Organic and Gluten Free literature, and applied as many of the principles as I could (depending on budget and practicality). To be honest with you, although I don’t consider myself to be an organic-purist…

... I definitely appreciate the wider benefits of Organics… but it’s really the long-term care and protection of my family that drives me.

That means buying organic foods as often as I can. Using fewer chemicals around our house. And choosing products that are FROG: Free-Range, Organic, Green.